Gold – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday August 3rd

Gold – 금색 (Germ / Saeg)

Here is our 5th and final color word of the day. Today’s word has been choosen to celebrate the 7 South Korean Olympic Gold Medalists of London2012 (so far), therefore today’s word is Gold or 금색.

Here are a few things that are often Gold:

  • Ring – 반지 (Ban / Jee)
  • Sand – 모래 (Moh / Rae)
  • Money – 돈 (Don)
  • Honey – 벌꿀 (Bol / Geul)
  • Medal – 메달 (Mae / Dal)

Thank you for spending some time learning a little Korean today. Please come back tomorrow for Saturdays Fresh Korean word of the day.

Fresh Korean Institute

Olympics – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Saturday July 28th

Olympics – 올림픽 (Ol / Lim / Pig)

After 4 years of waiting its time for the  Summer Olympics again. The games officially opened this morning (Korean Time) and therefore today’s word of the day is Olympics or 올림픽. This time the Olympics are being held in the UK capital London (런던).

Of course there are many Koreans competing at the games and we will be supporting them every step of the way during the next 2 weeks.

Fresh Korean Institute