Gold – Fresh Korean Word of the Day for Friday August 3rd

Gold – 금색 (Germ / Saeg)

Here is our 5th and final color word of the day. Today’s word has been choosen to celebrate the 7 South Korean Olympic Gold Medalists of London2012 (so far), therefore today’s word is Gold or 금색.

Here are a few things that are often Gold:

  • Ring – 반지 (Ban / Jee)
  • Sand – 모래 (Moh / Rae)
  • Money – 돈 (Don)
  • Honey – 벌꿀 (Bol / Geul)
  • Medal – 메달 (Mae / Dal)

Thank you for spending some time learning a little Korean today. Please come back tomorrow for Saturdays Fresh Korean word of the day.

Fresh Korean Institute

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