One-on-One One Week Intensive Korean Course in Seoul, Incheon or Bucheon (January Special)

One-on-One Intensive Korean Course

Here are the details of our One-on-One One Week Intensive Korean Course which is running during January as our afternoon Special offer.

Course Details

Locations: Seoul* (Hongdae, Gangnam included), Incheon or Bucheon, South Korea.

When: 5 Days Monday to Friday, 2 hours a day starting anytime between 12pm & 4pm. (10 hours total)

Price: ₩175,000 including taxes.

Included: Materials (Textbooks, Worksheets, Flashcards etc), Notebook, Pen, a folder and also on the Friday a small lunch will be included.

Number of Students: One (You!)

Syllabus (i.e. What will you learn)

This is up to you, if you want to focus on conversation, reading, writing, grammar and a combination that is on problem. Just let us know your level  and your interests, and we can take it from there. Hopefully within the 10 hours you’ll be able to achieve your goals and have some fun along the way.

The classes take place somewhere close to your home (or workplace), for example a coffee shop or library and will last two hours. All resources will be provided.

For the final lesson (Friday) you will visit a market, museum or a place of interest. There you will be able to learn a little about Korean culture as well as practice your Korean skills, also on this day a small lunch will be provided. The trip will also be for 2 hours.

Your Teacher

Firstly we don’t want to post exact personal details of the teacher here but here a a brief summary. Your teacher is a female native Korean in her 20s, a University graduate and is conversationally fluent in English and Spanish. She has years of both classroom and private tutoring experience.

How to Sign Up

Either email: or use our private course registration page CLICK HERE.

Please Note

*Some areas of North Eastern and Eastern Seoul are sadly outside of our catchment so sadly at the moment we cannot travel to those places. Sorry.
*Payment for the course must be made in advance and in full. Either via Bank Transfer or in cash.
*Courses are one-on-one and therefore friends or family members cannot join in the lessons. (Please contact us for group prices)
*Courses must be completed within a week, and are only availble in the afternoons.
*If lessons take place in a coffee shop, coffees are not included but you’re not expected to buy thing either.
*The teachers travel costs are included in the price.


Thank you and we hope to help you learn some Korean soon. Of course if you have any questions please let us know.

For some free Korean downloads and learning resources please check out our FREE RESOURCES PAGE.

For details on our other Korean Classes please Click Here.

Fresh Korean Institute

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