“Heungbu & Nolbu” Traditional Korean Story plus Free Worksheet

Heungbu Nolbu Korean Brothers

Heungbu & Nolbu or 흥부와 놀부 is a traditional Korean story which was written towards the end of the Chosen Dynasty (mid 19th century) by an unknown author. The story of Heungbu & Nolbu is normally told to Korean children as a bedtime story, and features two main characters brothers Heungbu & Nolbu. The story teaches that if you are good and help others then you will live a happy and successful life. This story is considered one of the most popular traditional Korean fairy tales or stories.

To help you read, learn and enjoy this traditional Korean story we’ve written our own version based on the traditional story. Also we’ve made a complimentary worksheet to help with your comprehension. Both the story and the worksheet are all in Korean and therefore are designed for students at a high beginner or intermediate level at least.

Please click here on the image or link below for your Free PDF download, both the story and the worksheet are on the same file:

Korean Story Download

CLICK HERE for your FREE Heungbu and Nolbu Korean Story and worksheet Download from Fresh Korean

Also here is a YouTube video of this traditional Heungbu & Nolbu or 흥부와 놀부 story, for your enjoyment (of course the video is in Korean and sadly doesn’t have English subtitles):

Here is an EBS YouTube video of Heungbu and Nolbu in English:

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

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  1. This is a good story! There’s a part though, that’s missing a character, I think.
    Page 3, last paragraph, 4th sentence: 이었다ㅇ는 -> is the ㅇ just a typo or is it supposed to be a vowel? 😮

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