Korean Writing Worksheet – Final Consonant 6 “ㅂ”

Final Korean Consonant Series - Fresh Korean

Hello and welcome to our new series of Korean Writing Worksheets. This series will look at the final consonant that completes Korean characters, and this series will look at the 14 basic varieties. Also all of the worksheets will use the vowel “” (ah) as a base reference, this therefore limits the series to just 14 parts, otherwise it would be 140 parts long (as there as 10 basic vowels).

In this part 6 we will look at the final consonant ““. This consonant sounds like an English “B“, which is the same as if it where a primary consonant. A few of examples of  used in Korean words are: Bab (Rice), Sab (Shovel) and 광합성Gwang/Hab/Song (Photosynthesis).

Free Worksheet Download

In this series worksheets are spread over 2 pages and can be downloaded either as a JPEG images or as a PDF file (below):

Final Consonant Korean Worksheet B Page 1

Final Consonant Korean Worksheet B Page 2

CLICK HERE for your FREE PDF copy of “ㅂ Final Consonant Korean Writing Worksheet” by Fresh Korean


If you wish to catchup with any of our previous series’s or parts 1 to 4 of this series, all of our free resources can be found here: FREE RESOURCES

For information on our Korean language courses please click here: KOREAN CLASSES

Thank you for your time and please come back soon for the next part of this series.

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